Travel Agents & Meeting Planners

South Florida Travel Agents and Meeting Planners

We arrange and can cater food to groups with a saltwater fishing guide on deep sea fishing excursions in South Florida waters..

We can accommodate multiple charters and also we pride outselves on the best catering to please even the most particular client.

Our most popular request are for box lunches however, we can accommodate most any type of custom order.

We work with South Florida Travel Agents and Meeting Planners to arrange fishing trips for a large groups for deep sea fishing trips

You’ll find our commissions for bookings for Travel Agents commissions and Meeting Planners commissions are very competitive and our crew members are eager to please.

Our guarantee is that you’ll never worry about your clients once you place them in our care!

We’ll take excellent care of them and in most cases will give them the experience of a lifetime at Pompano Beach Florida.

Call today for our prices and generous commission schedule.